solo instrument__________________________

wooden  for marimba, 1 log drum, 1 wood block (2015)

zattere  for piano and stereo soundtracks  (2013)

4 amazing stories  for solo percussions  (2012-13)

own pace (amnesia 3b)  for solo doublebass (2011)

verso amnesìa  for cello with live electronics (2010)

bit  for piano solo (2007)

stalagma (anna politkvoskaja in memoriam)  for piano solo (2007)

drao  for solo doublebass (2003)

chamber  (also with voice)_____________________

hyper-image  for piano concertante and 5 instruments (2020)

after-image  for bass clarinet and string quartet (2019)

aria (for L)  for 6 instruments (2018)

POLAR  for 5 instruments (2017)

POLAR b version for 6 instruments (2019/20)

Earwitness (familiar 2)  for string quartet and stereo soundtracks (2017)

di questo  for voice and 4 instruments (2015)

Further In  for cello and piano (2014)

Hard Workin’ Woman  for soprano and doublebass (2011)

own pace (amnesia 3)  for flute (also bass fl.) and doublebass (2011)

richiami  for vla. vc. db. (2007)

senza resistenze  for vl. vc.  (2006)

duo senza titolo  for vl. db. (2005)

di violenti colpi e sonno  for soprano, 4 percussion players and tape (2005)


Long way  for 6 voices (2016)

AND (amnesia 4)  for 16 mixed voices (2012)

M/P fragments  for eight parts choir (2010)

ensemble (also with voice)___________________

miniato  for ensemble (2011)

shibboleth  for ensemble (2010)

amnesìa del paesaggio  for ensemble – with reverb unit (2009)

sur itinéraire  for ensemble (2008-09)

air, becomes  for soprano, 4 pianos, 6 guitars (2008-09)

works for dance__________________________

Nos charmes n’auront pas suffi  for dancer, lights, electronics (2014)

Imminence  for 2 dancers, 1 éclairagiste and electronics (2012)

Lepidoptera  for 2 dancers,voice, live electronics (2012)


paeninsulae  for orchestra  (2006)