works/solo instrument


for piano and stereo soundtracks
[2013]  dur. 13′ ca.


Written for Saskia Lankhoorn.

Permutations and juxtapositions of small and large self-propelled surfaces, small and large clashes and fluctuations.
Visions of emergency, visions of drifting. Keeping afloat.
In the roadstead or almost in the open sea.

4 Ap. 2014_S. Lankhoorn_Red Sofa Concerten – De Doelen, Rotterdam (NL)
29 Mar. 2014_S. Lankhoorn_Gaudeamus Muziekdagen – RASA, Utrecht (NL)
11 Feb. 2014_S. Lankhoorn_De Link, Tilburg (NL)
2 Feb. 2014_S. Lankhoorn_Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL)
25 Jan. 2014_Saskia Lankhoorn_Korzo TSaskia Lankhoornheater, The Hague (NL) _world premiére