own pace (amnesia 3)

for flute (also bass fl) and doublebass
[2011] dur. 11’ca.

Pace in english means rhythm, step, velocity, stride.
Flute and doublebass proceed together continuously coding and recoding a basic and recognizable material which represents a fragment survived from “something forgotten”.
I’m interested in this process of re-codification where the fragment which has not been lost is worked and re-worked through its reduction or explosion, its duplication or deviation.
Differently from an old deteriorated manuscript in which the recoding process would help completing and reconstructing the missing data, in own pace the reconstruction of what is missing is not important, what matters is the direction towards it: the two instruments proceed letting their pace be both their journey and destination.

_DEC. 2018_University of London, Loops forever, M .Zurria (flutes), D.Calderone (db) – LONDON (UK)
_13 AP. 2016_34th Rassegna di Nuova Musica_ M.Zurria (flutes), D.Calderone (db) – Teatro Lauro Rossi, MACERATA (IT)
_31 OCT. 2014_58th Venice Music Biennale_ M.Cesari (flutes), D.Calderone (db) – Palazzo Cà Giustinian, VENEZIA (IT)
_23 JUNE 2012_TOONZETTERS / HOLLAND FESTIVAL_R.Van Dord (flutes), D.Calderone (db) – Muziekgebouw, AMSTERDAM (NL)
_9 OCT. 2011_Sebastiankapelle – BADEN (CH)
_18 JUNE 2011_Nairs Kulturhaus – NAIRS (CH)
_25 MAY 2011_Festival music@villaromana_R.Caflisch (flutes), D.Calderone (db) – Villa Romana, FLORENCE (IT) _PREMIÉRE
to listen: soundcloud