for bass clarinet and string quartet
[2019]  dur. 12′ ca.

Commission: Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart
First performance ECLAT Music Festival, February 2020, Stuttgart.
Gareth Davis (bass cl) + Arditti string quartet.

after-image is the first piece of a diptych (hyper-image is the second one) centered around the retina and altered states of vision.

The after-image is a product of the retina, it’s a residual image that continues to persist even after the original stimulus is removed. Rather than literally depicting this physiological response, the piece aims to create a musical world that embodies the idea of trace, duplication, and the dim areas that arise in reaction to brightness.

This floating area is the alteration, a visual and temporal disjunction that becomes, to my mind, the place to exercise another vision that must adapt and recover.

MDI ensemble – SOW 2020 at GAM, Milano (IT)