for bass clarinet and string quartet
[2019]  dur. 12′ ca.

Commission: Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart
First performance ECLAT Music Festival, February 2020, Stuttgart.
Gareth Davis (bass cl) + Arditti string quartet.

after-image is the first piece of a cycle around the retina, vision and hyper-vision.
The after-image is a product of the retina, it’s an image that continues to appear in the eyes after a period of exposure to the original image.
I’m not interested in the literal transposition of this physiological phenomenon but rather in the possibility to build a musical world that can contain and atomize the idea of trace with its duplications, the exposure to an original stimulus and the dim, floating area activated in reaction to the brightness.
This floating area is the alteration, a visual and temporal disjunction which becomes, to my mind, the place to exercise another vision, that is forced to adapt, to recover.

to listen (excerpt): soundcloud